Monday, July 18, 2011

restyling auction

so, i've waited to do this post because i am still feeling a little raw over the flop that was otherwise known as the restyling auction. the partnership of a busy weekend, a sunny saturday (after a lot of rain and clouds), and a few other things beyond my control lead to very few people in attendance. a couple studio families showed up, but most of the people who were there came because of me. a few random people came who had seen posters i put up around town. after weeks of work sifting through donations, pairing items, and sewing, sewing, sewing, the whole event fell apart. frustrating, but, hey...i know i did everything i could. the idealistic side of me knew how much money could have been raised, so that was disappointing. the selfish side of me looks at all the work i put into it and is angry at the outcome. it really could have been a great event...if people had come. ;)

beautiful bags...that i forgot to put the minimum bid tags on. saddest part of the night for me was "giving" the blue bags to the "highest bidder" for $5 each. i wanted to puke. i should have said, "i'm sorry, but i forgot the minimum bid for these and your bid does not qualify you to win this item."  but i didn't...

what was left to donate after the auction...

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