Thursday, July 14, 2011

chickens and coops

by about four or five weeks of age, the chickens were making quite an impact. the kids were still in love with them...and my house smelled like a barn. despite changing bedding and partially covering the aquarium they were living in, their odor was still present. over memorial day weekend andy began creating a coop and my fine feathered friends were happily settled by the next week.

as projects go in our house, a simple/quick design was put aside when andy found a picture online of a coop with a curved roof. we decided to put the run underneath, as well, making for a more compact footprint but necessitating that andy lay on his back while wrapping wire mesh around the perimeter (from the inside).

i will give a better tour later of the finished product after i paint the windows, but for now here is the construction of our chicken coop. we used a window from our house in colorado for the end of the coop along with two cabinet doors leftover from our oregon kitchen remodel.

my little chicken whisperer  :)

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