Monday, August 29, 2011

absentee blogger...a brief apology

well, i said i wouldn't do it when i set up this blog, but it has inevitably happened...i have gone without posting for months on end. SORRY! this will be one of many apologies i will have to make over the years. it was (and still is) my hope that i would be posting projects frequently, documenting all the things that are going on on the family and creative fronts.

with that apology, i will post a few things that have been keeping me away from the computer. with all my best intentions aside, know that i will again lapse when life gets now, when i'm supposed to be starting school again with the kids. or in a few weeks, when i fly to iowa to lead worship at a women's retreat. or a week after that, when andy's cyclocross races start up again. ;)

it's a full life we lead...hopefully full of fun.

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