Thursday, July 14, 2011

a crazy couple of months

so, i haven't posted for a long time. things have been busy and i have been checking email/facebook/etc on the ipod touch. not having the computer fired up makes it difficult to blog. pathetic excuse, but nonetheless, that's where i've been. ;)

after making the previously posted blankets, we were busy finishing up the school year with our out-of-the-home classes. those wrapped up mid-may and there was a little time of normal catch up before beginning sewing and remaking clothing for the repurposing auction i had volunteered to do for our dance studio. that project consumed the next three and a half weeks, leading right into multiple visitors coming to stay with us. through all of this, i was riding and running to train for seattle to portland. needless to say, i have been on the verge of crazy for a while...

next week begins all the costume design and sewing for the musical our studio is doing this summer, but for the rest of this week i will breathe, relax, finish catching up...and blog all the craziness that has been the last two months. there are chickens and recipes and coops and skinnying pants and restyling clothing and trips to the beach. stay tuned. for now, i have to go pick up kids from musical practice. ;)

here's to one crazy life!

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