Thursday, July 14, 2011

skinnying jeans

i have two pairs of skinny jeans that i like, but for months have been hoping to find a lighter pair than the unwashed denim look i have. after finding a link on pinterest, i decided to rummage through my closet for pairs of pants to make skinny. this was relatively easy to do, though would have been easier for me to do on someone else. andy has a few pairs of dress pants for me to slim down and things are settling just enough for me to do that for him this weekend.

so, turn your pants inside out and put them on. do your best to button and zip so they are on properly. pinch and pin down each side of one leg. once you are happy with the new line, take them off and match the pins on the other leg. sew down the lines, being especially careful in the crotch to avoid puckering. on the jeans i cut off the bottom of the leg because i wanted them to end up slightly cropped. on another pair of dress pants i left them long because i wanted them to be a little slouchy in the leg.

**NOTE: this works best if you have jeans/pants with some stretch. you will enjoy wearing the end result much better if you can sit comfortably (stretch) after they are skinnied! ;)

restyling your own closet is the best!

leg on your right is pinned

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