Monday, August 29, 2011

hood to coast

after saying each year he would not participate again, this marked andy's third hood-to-coast. for those of you who may not know, hood-to-coast is the largest relay race in north america and is known as "the mother of all relays." the race starts at on mt. hood and goes all the way to seaside. there are 1000 teams of 12 runners, as well as a large number of additional teams participating the the walking relay portland-to-coast. andy runs on his work's elite team and was the second fastest runner on his team this year! pretty good for a guy who does not consider himself to be a runner and only trains for a few months leading up to the race. ;)

with the musical done the preceeding weekend, this year we were able to meet andy in seaside. after driving around looking for a spot to park my behemoth van, we found a corn dog for lunch before finally reaching the beach. the kids had fun playing in the sand and walking through all the sponsors' tents while we were waiting for andy's team to finish and his van to arrive. the band on the main stage played "billy jean," making jeremiah very happy. eventually we found more snacks and strawberry lemonade, finally leaving for home as it began to get dark.

with all the masses of people who were in seaside, the road home was a slow one. for the second night in a row, i carried in sleeping kids...washing sand/dirt off of them with a washcloth once they were in their beds.

final vinyl costumes

after a very full three weeks, the show was finally on stage. 
some things are restyled or embellished, some things are custom-made for the show, 
and four dresses were made by our other talented seamstress, ann.

absentee blogger...a brief apology

well, i said i wouldn't do it when i set up this blog, but it has inevitably happened...i have gone without posting for months on end. SORRY! this will be one of many apologies i will have to make over the years. it was (and still is) my hope that i would be posting projects frequently, documenting all the things that are going on on the family and creative fronts.

with that apology, i will post a few things that have been keeping me away from the computer. with all my best intentions aside, know that i will again lapse when life gets now, when i'm supposed to be starting school again with the kids. or in a few weeks, when i fly to iowa to lead worship at a women's retreat. or a week after that, when andy's cyclocross races start up again. ;)

it's a full life we lead...hopefully full of fun.