Friday, February 4, 2011

mortification is a motivator

mortification is probably too strong a word. when i arrived home yesterday evening from a full day of errands, a NWCT show, and three ballet classes, my company was carting dirty dishes to the basement. granted, things have been less than orderly in my house since the kitchen remodel began, but the plain fact is that i had not prepared for this company to come. perhaps this is a sign of his place in our life. OR perhaps i have just gone completely crazy because, though i had thought about his visit numerous times this week, i did not remember to clean. thankfully, he is a good friend and graciously delivered flowers to my table and then ridded it of the aforementioned dirty dishes.

in light of all that, today will be full of cleaning, organizing, and otherwise decluttering of my home. already the dishes have been washed (yes, some of them were a couple days old. ya wanna make something of it?), the fireplace has been de-ashed, all out-of-place things have found homes, the downstairs has been vacuumed, the laundry has been started, the table was wiped down, and my email inbox got a thorough looking at. there is still compost to take out (you should see the piles of decomposing vegetation), recycling to attend to, and the laundry all needs to be folded. my room is a terrible mess, intensified by the fact that that is where all of the dishes and drawers from the kitchen are being stored. there is a pumpkin rotting on my front porch, that should also make its way to the compost pile, but if i set foot outside i will be confronted with the weeds that need pulling. perhaps by lunchtime, calm will be restored...or at least the mess should be more under control. :)

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