Friday, January 28, 2011

a few projects

since i'm going crazy tonight (and actually have motivation and a quiet house at the SAME time) i guess i'll go ahead and put up pictures of a bunch of old projects. we'll see if you're crazy about me right off the bat. :)



  1. Tell me about the photo with the four kids and dad's photo on their shirts. That is really neat and I would love to know how you did it. Thanks! Laci


  2. i took a head shot of my husband and opened it photoshop. there's an option in my old version to change the color and do a monochromatic/black and white-type photo with whatever hue you choose. after erasing some of the exterior of the photo, i printed them out on vinyl iron on transfers...the "dark tshirt" kind. they are a little more expensive, but stand up to washing WAY better than the other kind. then, once printed i cut out just the face and ironed that on per the direction on the transfer package. easy, easy. :)