Friday, January 28, 2011


i graduated from iowa state with a degree in apparel design. since then, i have dabbled in custom work (some very ODD jobs, including a scary halloween costume alteration), wedding dresses (well, i do have three sisters), maternity clothing (for myself, and for a time as part of momma style), children's apparel (everything from dresses to hats), and now have gotten back into making "normal" clothing for myself. there are cycling caps for my husband and interiors sewing thrown in there, for good measure.

most recently i find myself costuming. some because it's fun, some because i have the ability, and some because the owner/teacher lets me trade for dance lessons. bonus! after doing a few costumes for "the enchanted toyshop" i volunteered to do costume design for "seussical." then i was asked to costume "comic potential" for a local high school. here are a few pictures...   

enchanted toy shop

seussical the musical



comic potential

that was 2010...getting my feet small spurts. it's disturbing how many costumes for which i do not have pictures. i only photographed one costume set of the four i did for enchanted toyshop. argh. perhaps this will be a good reminder for me in the future. TAKE PICTURES. (wishing i had done that for all the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and even the clothing i make for myself)

it's been a fun diversion and good challenge. now, if only i could get on project runway in a few years...

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