Tuesday, December 3, 2013

long time...

…no post. life has been crazy…and that is probably putting it mildly. between homeschooling, home restoration projects, ballets to costume, urban agriculture, project runway applications, constant food prep, and the rest of life, i haven't posted anything in almost a year (and let's admit it…the last post was pretty pathetic).

this summer we finished our house, picked up our roots, and moved our tribe to california so andy could pursue a new job. bet you didn't see that one coming. me, neither. we put our kids in public school. bet you didn't see that one coming. me, neither. and i have spent the last few months reeling, unable to focus my brain, tackle projects, or otherwise hold a straight thought. bet you didn't see that one coming. me, neither.

i am living in a place of utter-uninspiration and i will be very open: i don't know if/when i will pick up cataloging recipes and chronicling life again. in case you were waiting… ;)

i did go through and put the "pin it" button on as many pages as i thought people would want to pin. my laundry soap recipe was the most popular link on my last blog and continues to be on mommagoescrazy, though it is getting a run for it's money with the lice repellent spray i concocted a couple years ago (and still use all the time for an air freshener and germ killer). share what's here and hopefully i will find my spark again soon!

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  1. Uninspired? You?? Never!!! Sounds to me like you're too busy being inspirING to your family and your friends to blog about it...not the same thing as being uninspired!