Friday, January 18, 2013

asbestos removal

if a picture is worth a thousand words, this one may qualify. maybe for a thousand laughs. but asbestos isn't really a laughing matter, so don't laugh. okay...just one chuckle, because andy does look pretty comical in that getup. ;)

a small section of two pipes needed to be removed so that the radiators in the kitchen and bathroom could be reinstalled. after multiple quotes for asbestos removal came back with a minimum charge of over $400, andy did a little online research a decided that by purchasing the "asbestos removal kit" and following standard practices he could safely remove the asbestos himself. all the tools used for the removal had to stay in the special bags that were attached to the pipes and ceiling...forever. once finished, his suit and all the bags containing the asbestos and tools were taken to a special facility for toxic waste. don't worry...he followed every procedure to the letter. oh the joys of old home ownership!


  1. Asbestos really sucks! We should get rid of this very harmful thing before everything gets worse. Thanks for sharing this awesome article!

  2. Regular inspection should be made for those who uses asbestos in their houses. It really is a dangerous substance.