Saturday, October 22, 2011

nater turns five

there are few mornings that i am awake before nathan...let's just say he's an early riser and i am not. ;) on birthdays, however, i set my alarm and start breakfast so the birthday kid can have their pancakes (usual request) while andy is still home. for this particular birthday i knew i had to be up around 6:15am or i would be no where near ready when nathan wanted to eat.

this five year old loves star wars. he also loves yoda, so i got to thinking about how i could make something special to surprise him. in the end, i settled on trying my hand at creating yoda pancakes...the much cooler version of the mickey mouse pancakes i grew up eating. ;)

you can buy a yoda pancake mold from williams sonoma, but i freehanded mine; making an oval of sorts for the face and then two small circles for the ears that i carefully pulled out into the yoda-esque ears. once cooked, yoda got a whipped cream spot of hair. nathan was incredibly impressed.

it was a typical carb-fest of a birthday: pancakes (with complimentary green "swamp" smoothie), mac and cheese for lunch (at red robin...where i chose a salad!), and i can't remember if we had pizza for dinner, but i think that's right. top it off with a chocolate cake with cookies and cream frosting and you have calorie overload! if it was up to nathan, my little carbivore, that's how we would eat every day. ;)

ninago from grandpa and grandma olsen

with his birthday money from grandpa and grandma meschke...the coolest cookie cutters any star wars fan could ever want! ;)

happy birthday to my nathan! hard to believe my baby is five.

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  1. Wow, he's getting all grown up! So is Ruby...I guess babies tend to do that! I can hardly imagine her being five, but I know that day will be here before I can believe it!