Saturday, October 22, 2011


our chickens started laying eggs about three weeks ago. i was laying in bed, about to get up, when i heard a racket in the coop. i was suspicious, so i before we left for our sign language class i sent mary out to check on the chickens. she came back in, proudly holding our first egg! we were late to class because the excitement forced me to take pictures and unearth the anthropologie egg holder i had purchased this summer.

normally, i use anthropologie for inspiration. i love their beautiful photographs and over-the-top styling, but let's face it...i'm not made of money and do not generally buy things there. this, however, was different. this little splurge was quite a necessity. ;)

since then, we have determined that at least two, and probably a third, is now laying. a baker's dozen currently sits on my counter, waiting to become something. normally the eggs get eaten as quickly as they come in from the coop, but jeremiah temporarily stopped making an "egg in a toast hole" every morning so we could reach the dozen mark.

now, if my two road island reds would stop bullying the other four wyandottes, maybe they will all be laying by thanksgiving!

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