Thursday, April 21, 2011

computer virus

my computer currently has a virus, making it impossible for me to upload photos or post a proper blog or anything else i have wanted to accomplish in the last few days. after doing two system restores last night, we seem to be rid of the virus but are still experiencing problems. with he help of google and the iPod touch andy was able to figure out how to fix what he fixed but we are still in need of a local computer genius to remedy our situation. technology...gotta love it. until it doesn't work or costs you undue money and then it just stinks.

on a positive note, i have perfected the orange muffin recipe and will edit that post as soon as i can. now i don't juice any oranges, i just quarter all four oranges and it all goes in the food processor. it makes me happy to not waste parts...but i AM a geek with things like that. ;) butter gets melted and goes in after the oranges and eggs are smooth. also, if you add mini semi-sweet chocolate chips these muffins turn into DESSERT! andy poked a few chocolate chips in the centers the other day which inspired the addition.

other good things...blankets have been mailed to my new nephew parker in iowa and miss molly ann in illinois. i'm finishing birdcage veils for my cousin and have been making biking jerseys in between training rides. the kitchen is fully functional and almost done and things are running as smoothly as they can here in oregon. there is less than a month left of classes and spring seems to be slowly showing more and more of itself. hooray! sunshine and vitamin d are needed by all! tomorrow is good friday and we are excited for everything we are celebrating this weekend.

I will have to proof read this another time. the iPod keeps autofilling words so if something doesn't makes sense, for today I will blame it on that! ;) have a great weekend!

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