Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a little bit of mary

this month, mary lost her second tooth, had her sixth birthday, danced in a ballet show, went on a special shopping trip with grandma, and then, last night she cut a ponytail holder out of her hair necessitating a major haircut. this is my child who did NOT want to cut her hair this summer when kirby was ready to donate her hair. the same child who refused to cut her hair when i donated mine in fall. the same child who did not want even a trim from aunt jamie at christmas. mary wanted to grow her hair to the floor and dye it red so she could look like ariel. her reaction last night after i discovered the pile of hair she had lost to remove the rubberband was terrible sadness. she did not want me to cut her hair. her fate did, however, sink in over night and she was ready this morning...perhaps you could even say she was excited. at the very least, there was no complaining and were no tears when i got out the chair and weilded the shears.

six eggs for her sixth birthday breakfast

she's growing up. there is less screaming (finally). there is more dancing and singing. there are a LOT more pictures. andy said last night, "of all the kids, i have no idea what mary will be when she grows up." i guess we will wait and see...   :)


  1. i think she looks a lot like andy in these pictures!

  2. I wonder the same thing about my third. A mysterious, brave and changing little thing, she is!