Saturday, March 26, 2011

just call me mrs. fancy pants

after altering a dress, making (and eating) mac and cheese, and going rollerskating, i raced home to change clothes and head out to a trailblazers game with andy. he had been invited by his plant manager to watch the game in the company's executive suite. sweet. my lovely friend charity had graciously taken our kids. the whole night was quite an experience. i don't think i've been to a basketball game since my sister camye played in the state tournament her senior year of high school, so we'll just say it's been a while. i felt very fancy when the elevator operator asked which floor we were going to and we got to say "suite level, please." thankfully there was food in the suite because we had run out of time to eat and had gone straight to the stadium. the whole atmosphere was exciting...and what a night to be at the rose garden! the game was back and forth all night. at the end i was sure they were going into overtime when, with .9 (yes, that is POINT nine) seconds left the trailblazers scored two points to win the game. all viewed from the comfort of the PCC box. not bad for my first NBA game. spoiled. rotten. needless to say, if they invite us back we will be there with bells on.  :)


  1. it was! we were thinking about dave and his nosebleed seats. :)