Wednesday, May 7, 2014

new costume projects

being in a new place has taken way more adjustment than i anticipated. this fall we passed on doing the first show with kirby's new ballet studio, academy of classical ballet. after some begging in january, we agreed to do the spring show...kirby dancing and me costuming.

with my kids in school for the first time this year (there's a whole 'nother post about that one of these days...) and my brain finally settling down from the move, i have been working on a more elaborate form of costume than i was doing in oregon. hand-painting on satin and organza, applying swarovski crystals, burning and layering scores of petals, creating a glitter layer (from extra fine glitter and mod podge) to paint on a purchased costume, and lots of trimmings. it was a fun, but time-consuming project which leaves me excited to see them all on stage in a couple of weeks.

butterfly queen

tulip princess

water lily and thumbelina

swanhilda fabric (guess i didn't take a picture of the finished costume) and the aftermath of painting feathers

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