Thursday, December 8, 2011


last month, kirby turned ten. it was an occasion worthy of a party. one year ago i started thinking about things i wanted to do to celebrate the decade. i wanted to make a photobook with all our favorite pictures from the last ten years. i wanted to have cool decorations and party favors. i wanted to make a beautiful cake. i wanted kirby's friends there to make the day extra special. then i found pinterest and all my planning turned to pinning. pretty soon, the months i had to prepare and make things were slipping away. throw in some extra projects, normal busyness, and an unexpected visit from family and i was tossing plans out the window left and right. ;)

what remained was still a very nice party. no one missed the doily lamps i wanted to create. no one knew that there were supposed to be two extra desserts on the cake table. no one knew that the invitation was supposed to be more elaborate. no one knew that all the pretty pencils i had bought to be party of the treat bags had disappeared, never to be found (and still haven't surfaced). i hadn't made a birthday dress, but kirby still had clothes on her body. we made lipgloss and shrinky dinks...lots of shrinky dinks. it was a very nice day for a very special girl, and in the end, that was the biggest goal.

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  1. Wow! So grown up!! And I'd say that even if you didn't get to all of your many crafty ideas, everything still looks pretty fab. Hurray for Kirby's decade...may she enjoy many more!